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1,300 feet). Can your bamboo flooring be installed in a bathroom? For stairs, we recommend gluing everything with a high-quality Urethane based glue, such as Titebond Fast Set Construction Adhesive. Acclimate for 14 days minimum If this is a risk you’re willing to take, you’ll definitely want to make sure to follow our installation requirements closely and barring any flooding your flooring should be just fine. In fact, I’d seal with the 531+ and also use the vinyl sheeting as added protection since you already have it. This remarkable resource is self-sustainable and has been used for centuries due to its natural structural properties. My husband and i installed the fossilized solid click and lock bamboo floating flooring in all our rooms except the baths and laundry four years ago. Concern before I go to the great expense that it will be doing the whole house! Installation options often vary based on how the planks have been milled: Industry-standard tongue and groove (T&G) is the most versatile format, allowing for gluing, nailing, and floating. If you did this and it still creaks, I can tell you it will diminish over time, my subfloors are very unlevel and the creaking was very noticeable at first but over a few months it faded away and a year later they are almost silent. I’d be happy to send you samples of flooring and a temperature gun if you’d be willing conduct the experiment and document the findings? There are many Pros of bamboo flooring and very few Cons, so overall it can be said that bamboo floors are a definite choice for the environmentally aware person who wants a floor that would last for decades. Is solid or hybrid the safer bet for a kitchen environment more prone to drops, spills, and the occasional goop? Many manufacturers use inferior glues that not only affect the integrity of the product but contain and release toxic chemicals. Considering bamboo for the stairs and the bonus room. We are thinking of installing the Fossilized Cognac Bamboo in our stairs and upstairs areas. Can I nail down the click lock kind? How to get get the haze removed form bamboo hard wood flooring. I am wondering if Norwex products would be safe for the floor. Engineered flooring is more forgiving to these fluctuations and is probably a better choice as long as you can find a style you love. If so, how does a glue down expand and contract While it can be refinished, it rarely (if ever) needs to be. Make sure to seal the subfloor with Titebond 531+ prior to installation and leave 1/2″ expansion space around all fixed objects. The weight of the tank will pin the floor in that spot so any expansion or contraction will occur from that point outward and will be visible at the opposite end of the floor. I’m in Michigan and I’m installing a DRIcore subfloor (OSB over a raised polyethylene moisture barrier) so the engineered bamboo will be sitting on wood rather than right on the concrete. Hi John, If you had said you were installing solid flooring, I would be a bit more concerned, but the GeoWood product is very stable, and you should be just fine. Either way, the entire floor rests over a thin layer of foam underlayment, with no permanent attachment to the subfloor. Your email address will not be published. The tongue-and-groove boards are usually blind-nailed to the subfloor through the edge of the boards. For solid bamboo and eucalyptus, you must remove the flooring from the cartons and sticker-stack as close to the installation site as possible. Our Antique Java, Distressed Natural, Distressed Mocha, Napa, Catalina and Malibu colors have a wavy surface, but only Antique Java, Napa, Catalina and Malibu come in a T&G milling suitable for nail down installation. I’m getting a bit concerned…I’ve only installed about 25% (200+ sqft) but have noticed that everywhere I walk the floors give and creak. Yay! Home Depot told me they won’t even install bamboo or any hardwood over concrete!? Best, My husband is a cancer survivor and extremely sensitive to dust, dirt, chemicals and fumes so we are EXTREMELY interested in low VOC products – and typically gear all purchases toward environmentally safe products (as affordable and possible). Which is why I m looking at the internet to see how to deal with it and for the cost I hate to spend that money and it would ruin! The next best thing to solid is engineered, and we’ve got most of our solid colors in an engineered version. Here is the description from their website. Brad and his Tahoe Cabin And 2) Should we be concerned about weight of the refrigerator? I just want the floors to be done. If you go this direction, you’ll want to use our CaliComlete™ Underlayment or seal the concrete with Titebond 531+ first. Otherwise, if you are having a professional install it, they may have a preferred installation method such as nail down. If your heavy object is against a wall, like a dresser, just keep in mind that the floor may not move very well right there so just give yourself a little extra expansion space around all fixed objects like the other walls in the room, and you should be fine. we are considering installing the fossilized bamboo flooring in a new home we are building in North Idaho. With bamboo and hardwood flooring having similar characteristics and costs, making a choice between the two is not always easy. Can your fossilized bamboo be use in Reno we have low humidity in the summer and mid to high in the winter .This will be on a concert floor? If this is something you dislike, then Boardwalk is similar in color without darkened edges. I’m have a floor project this month to get the Cali Bamboo floor installed on all my three bedrooms, all three rooms are same side of the house and adjacent to each other. If you think bamboo is right for you, call one of our flooring professionals today at (866) 710-7070! Hello I was wondering if the cali bamboo products work on walls as well? Hi Lisa, We launched our engineered flooring in March of 2016. I’d actually recommend getting our engineered product as you only need to acclimate a few days, and you can use most any nailer out there. Can handle the work. Installed by a professional. Eldorado Casino Floor. By providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we can make a difference in the future of our planet. I just noticed you commented from a flooring post. However, considering how low cost both eucalyptus and bamboo flooring are, it probably won’t make a lot of difference to your overall cost. Cali Bamboo recently launched a line of Hybrid™ (engineered) bamboo flooring, made of a wear layer of Fossilized® bamboo, a core of cross-layered eucalyptus, and a base of ubiquitous poplar. This flooring is comparable to engineered hardwood and is installed in the same way—usually with click-lock planks that float over a foam underlayment. Last weekend we received about 3 inches of rain and the flooring began to buckle. Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I’m not a big fan since I have real wood in my home, but it does look really nice, it’s cost effective and nearly indestructible. We recommend cleaning with a light mist of Bona Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Hi Jenny, What you could do is floor the majority of your home with actual bamboo and in the areas you plan to remodel just lay the vinyl version temporarily until construction is complete. The company who installed the flooring says they sent their best and most experienced crew to install, so I would assume they left the appropriate gaps as needed. Best. Can I just stack the floors in the biggest room for acclimation? Are there any special preparations needed before putting the tank and stand on the floor? Hi Shaweta, Bought Cali bamboo flooring from Lowes. My husband will install and is experienced with red oak, but not bamboo. Oh and we do not have any hand scraped eucalyptus, but that’s a great idea I’ll have our development team look into. Hi Tanya, Apart from in-hand testing, the easiest way to determine the durability of bamboo flooring is to reference its “Janka hardness rating”. These products always use the click-lock floating floor installation method. Do you have a recommendation? Cheaper products may contain more formaldehyde, while more expensive products may use alternative materials in the resins. 5. Is floating okay? Perhaps you have heard the claim that bamboo flooring is as hard as some of the hardest of hardwoods. Cali Bamboo’s Fossilized® bamboo flooring is the strongest bamboo flooring on the market today, and has a score of 5,000 on the Janka hardness test. We are installing cali bamboo flooring in our kitchen hallway and bath. The company states that their Fossilized® manufacturing process results in bamboo flooring that is “twice the density of any other hardwood floor … The weight restrictions only apply to floated floors so if you’re nailing down or glueing down, you’re all good. Also, should we glue the wide click pieces together not just under the refrigerator, but the entire floor? Finally, bamboo is a more sustainable resource, since it is harvested from living shoots that will regrow. This form of flooring is available both as tongue-and-groove planks that are nailed down, as well as planks that float over the underlayment. You should also test your slab for moisture and you can’t do that properly with the VCT on there. Thank you, Rik. We have an 80 lb very active dog. More details instructions for floating solid floors can be found here. The area is ~1000 sq ft including kitchen and we have two large dogs. Solid Hardwood Flooring Comparison Guide, Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring Comparison Guide. Thank you, Walker! Here’s a post on using flooring for everything but. If it is a laminate or thinner than 3/16″ I would not recommend refinishing. Mar 6, 2016 - For many people looking to go green bamboo is a great flooring choice, but it's not for everyone. Thank you! Either way you go, you’ll want to acclimate the flooring before installation. Hello. Does it absorb the heat? Installation of nail-down or glue-down bamboo planks is usually handled by professionals. You’ll be placing the glue in grooves on two sides of each plank, so you’ll want to start with the grooves against the wall (with a 1/2″ spacer). Wife likes lighter colors. Cork Flooring (moisture resistant) Preston at Jetson Green now points us to a bamboo floor with an extraordinary hardness on the ... a dense, "fossilized" bamboo block is formed. Hi Steven, This makes them even more durable and scratch-resistant, so bamboo floors are easy to maintain. Bamboo is a trendy flooring material that can elevate the elegance of a space almost instantly. Regardless of the method preferred, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and choose the proper method of acclimation in order to diminish any potential for future concerns. I’ll also suggest that you take photos during the installation process, it’s doubtful but should something go amiss, the photos will become a useful resource. Hi I am really wanting to get your Eucalyptus flooring, it is so BEAUTIFUL!!! We are planning on installing GeoWood Bamboo in a kitchen (as has been recommended because of water resistance etc. ) Quality bamboo is thoroughly dried to 6-8% moisture, while low-quality floors dry to 8-12% — cutting time to market and saving on labor, but resulting in far less durable flooring. Yes, you are correct, they are plywood subfloors. If you email me your phone number and address, I can get samples in the mail to you, so you can put them out and see if they keep cool enough for you. I live in South Florida and plan on acclimating for ten days. The true test? Cons of Bamboo Flooring. 1. Lastly, depending on where you live, homes can experience natural fluctuations in relative humidity and hardwood floors will expand and contract with humidity. How should I apply the Bona cleaner. You can glue down the flooring if you seal the slab with 531+ but you must float it if you plan to use CaliComplete. Henrietta, The rising popularity of this product has led to significant advancements, making it more durable and affordable than ever. Refer to our acclimation video for detailed steps, once acclimated the flooring should be ready to install. Oct 14, 2016 - Explore Anita Lowe's board "installing bamboo flooring" on Pinterest. What can be done to reverse the issue and what needs to be done to insure no future issues? And how should we ask our flooring contractor to install it? 3) Control the Environment – keep the home as close to normal living conditions as possible. Best, We want to help you shape an intelligent understanding of how bamboo is sourced, manufactured, acclimated, installed, and maintained in order to alleviate your concerns and enable you to make empowered and informed decisions when choosing your flooring. Do we need to sticker stack/acclimate the wood for more than 5 days since the flooring has been in the house the entire time? You’ll want to try and install it using the same method as the other flooring. Walker. My husband and I need to redo flooring in our living area. The flooring is set to cover the living room, bedroom and kitchen. About how long should the flooring be acclimatized before install? I’ve been reading the Q&A and various other websites and have a few questions. Avoid closing up the house, turning off the AC and leaving for weeks at a time. Or, the planks may have a standard tongue-and-groove design, where the edges of the boards are glued together. We are literally living in a construction zone, in a complicated pregnancy with only 3 weeks left to go. I would like to have bamboo floors installed thought (except bathrooms) our 1 story condo. The number of times you can perform this renewal depends on the thickness of the planks, but bamboo flooring is generally comparable to solid hardwood in its longevity and has a longer lifespan than engineered hardwood flooring, which has only a surface veneer of actual hardwood. Moisture can reach a floor from the top or from the bottom. I’ve started installing Eucalyptus Wide Click. The rooms are just under 14′ wide so I will have 31 of the 5 3/8″wide planks. Also should I install a further barrier between the subfloor and the bamboo? The technical answer is you have to acclimate until the flooring’s moisture content and your home’s relative humidity have reached an equilibrium. For solid bamboo and eucalyptus, we recommend only using the 18 gauge PowerNail 50P Flex. Can I steam clean them with only water? Home decorators collection hand sed strand woven brown 3 8 in eco forest bamboo flooring review 2020 pros cons cost estimate cali bamboo reviews and cost 2020 flooring clarity understanding solid and engineered bamboo flooring cali bamboo fossilized 3 in java solid hardwood flooring bamboo flooring reviews pros and cons cost best brands. never know what might end up on the floor {piano etc.,} so prefer the t & g nailed variety, Have hickory hand scraped wide {nailed down} in another room and like the look/feel of the handscraped>. Installing bamboo flooring means gluing or nailing to a subfloor. March 17, 2020. Proper acclimation can reduce expansion and contraction but it can and will still occur. Good, it sounds like they did everything by the book. The good news? 1) Prepare the subfloor – make sure your subfloor is clean, flat and stable. While traditional hardwood planks only expand in one direction along the grain, bamboo’s lack of grain can cause an expansion in two directions. The best advice I can give you is to get some free samples from us and conduct your own scratch and dent tests, the ‘proof is in the pudding’ as they say. Im thinking an engineered floor would be the safest way to go. Since that time, manufacturing processes have improved so much that they are now capable of producing a product that can outperform even the hardest of traditional hardwoods. Which installation would be best? How long would we need to acclimate the wood? How long has the engineered been out for?i have concrete slap. Our home is in Oceanside ca. Best of luck to you John, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures as you go, we love seeing a project come together! This has allowed Mosu to become a competitive material in today’s building market. Since glued down floors are fixed to the subfloor, you’ll have less expansion and contraction but still plan on giving 1/2″ expansion space around fixed objects and don’t forget to acclimate (I’d acclimate 10 days if possible). Just like hardwood floors, bamboo flooring performs best when kept free of dirt and debris; when homeowners use only a vacuum designed for hard surfaces and never wet mop the floor; and when the only chemicals utilized for treatment are those recommended by the manufacturer. Will this go away as the wood settles and acclimatizes more, or do I need to change my installation technique before I get too much further down the installation path? Is it possible to just use the flooring pieces plus Cali Bamboo Vinyl Stair nosing on the stairs? I’d assume it’s an even better moisture barrier than the Titebond. Cali Bamboo offers high-quality bamboo floors in any style and color variation that appeals to more traditional hardwood lovers but with three times the hardness — for an eco-friendly, beautiful product that is built to last a lifetime. I’m glad to hear that you are thinking of these things beforehand. Going green is now a trending theme for nearly every industry. If you don’t have complete faith in your installers ability to follow specific instructions (many don’t) then I would choose Engineered or GeoWood over solid, they are more forgiving in extremely dry or extremely humid (or both) environments. We live in Missouri – a high humidity state. In addition, while solid bamboo can be applied in almost every area, engineered bamboo products open the door to environments with extremely low or high humidity (such as below-grade rooms, like basements). Since you like the Antique Java color, your best bet is going to be with the engineered version, it will give you the beautiful look, moisture stability and scratch resistance with only a slight loss of hardness as compared to a solid floor. Width wise, we would have a 26 ft run. Also, what is the moisture absorption rate of bamboo? I tried ripping up the tile from the concrete subfloor, but the job proved extremely difficult for even the mechanized floor breaker. This installation method is easier for DIYers, and it also has the advantage of allowing the floor to expand and contract as humidity levels change. Our installer says this is our only option but I see that you make a Java .88 inch stair nose that appears to click in place. We live in Santa Fe, Texas (between Galveston and Houston). Thanks! I know there were gaps around all fixed areas but I’m not sure if the gaps were 1/2″ or 1/4″. No furniture then? One last question: How come gluing or nailing down is preferred over floating the engineered T&G milled product? Hi Annie, Renting a professional one will certainly dry things up quickly. We are planning to install across the entire first floor of our home (approx. If you do have rubber backed rugs, that you are dead set on using, I would test them on a plank of uninstalled flooring for a few weeks, and then if nothing happens, try the rug in an inconspicuous area (closet) for another few weeks, checking often before using them in an area such as a kitchen or bath. 4) Expansion gaps – You installer will know more about these but in short, you need to give a 1/2″ allowance around fixed objects like walls, poles, pillars and fireplaces. We have a 75 gallon fish tank. Take pictures and send them to [email protected]! Upstairs will be nailed down and the stairs glued down (we aren’t as concerned with the stairs as we are the upstairs areas). A second way manufacturers can cut corners is with the amount of bamboo used in each plank. While you can use anything you’d like in a kitchen, like bathrooms, there is greater risk of spills, etc. Hi Paula, We also just love seeing our customers’ projects come together so feel free to send us any and all photographs before, during and after the project! The instructions recommend using the Titebond adhesive along the bottom sides of the flooring grooves. “Volatile Organic Compounds” (VOCs) like these can pose serious health risks to anyone but are especially dangerous for young children due to the vulnerability of their developing respiratory systems. I have purchased antique java click floor. I have a daylight basement house but it is just going upstairs. While our Engineered line is more tolerant to moisture than say solid bamboo or eucalyptus, it’s not waterproof, and it sounds like you looking for something with a bit more protection. This time, we expect installers to follow the specs to a “t.” Thank you very much. on a floated floor, it inhibits the floors ability to move (expand and contract) freely. The short answer is Cali Bamboo is definitely an option for you in Houston where I hear it gets very humid as long as you do a little extra work up front before installation begins. I don’t think I can afford to replace my existing stairs with the solid treads and risers. Norwex is a high end microfiber cloth embedded with microbial silver. Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring. Any solid hardwood floor is going to react to swings in temp and humidity. Point loading can also be spread out by putting the tank on a larger bearing area ie cabinet legs on a 1×4 frame… What your saying is that floating floors should only be use where there are no dead loads. I have a few questions. Also we used their bamboo decking system and only power wash them once every year or two. After looking at some options for our living room, we ran across your product and now will be considering Cali Bamboo (Natural Fossilized Wide Click) for then entire area. Bona has a swiffer type mop that holds the bona cleaner and has a microfiber pad, and I’ve seen them in stores all over. You’re right, engineered is safer. Yes, your contractor’s concerns are real, but apply to all solid flooring not just bamboo. Bamboo flooring pros and cons. Hi Allen, ?how could I attempt to clean this off then use Nona cleaner? 2. Yes, the solid and engineered flooring have the same finish and therefore the same scratch resistance. If you’re dead set on Mocha, you’ll want to screw some 1/2″ plywood to the studs and use an 18 gauge pneumatic nailer, to nail the Wide T&G flooring to the ply (just like you would nail to floor). I live in Maine, on a lake, and have concrete floors with radiant heat in them (but we don’t use the radiant). This material is priced at about the same level as most hardwood floors. Best thing for you to do is glue down the click lock flooring, the glue may add a bit of cost and extra work but you won’t need to be as concerned about movement, and you won’t need those t-moldings or underlayment either. When compared to hardwood, bamboo is slightly more resistant to water damage. This makes it important to find a quality, reputable flooring dealer to ensure that you are getting top-quality material. On average, bamboo is less expensive than eucalyptus, and there is a wider offer. Stranded bamboo is made by shredding the bamboo stalks into small strands, which are compressed into sheets using heat and resin binders, then cut into planks to use as building materials. They look great, BUT I discovered a buckle the other day. If it is Cali Bamboo flooring yes, it can be refinished. We had Java solid engineered wood glued down with ECO 495 glue several months ago and contractor destroyed it with a faulty shower installation that flooded water. The carpet has been pulled up and we knew (since the house was built in 2008), that we would only find plywood underneath the carpet. I have some questions if you do not mind. in our home Can you tell us if what we are looking at is the right type of product? Should the flooring not properly adhere to the plywood, it would then become a floated floor. Did they sticker stack the planks in your living space? Walker. Plan to do all floors.2 bed 2 bath laundry large open kitchen & living room. What can we do to settle these floors down? Glued down floors feel very “solid” and have no “give” and you can’t use underlayment so it’s basically like walking on concrete. Fingers crossed! We spend the winters in Florida and keep the heat pump at around 55 degrees. A steamer will destroy hardwood flooring. It rains a lot here…. A haze is often caused by residue left over from wax-based cleaners. Hi Megan, Let me know if you have any further concerns. The real offenders here are pianos, large fish tanks and pool tables. I have the overlaps installed in my home and they’ve never been an issue. Recommendations on which brand type of Cali Bamboo flooring for high level activity areas That’s great that you maintain a controlled environment in the home when you are away for extended periods, that will help with product stability. Can the solid Cali Bamboo be refinished ? Bamboo flooring comes in several different types of products: Solid bamboo planks are installed much the same was as solid hardwood. Can I just open both ends of boxes and plastic to acclimate or must they be cross stacked? It has an appearance and a feel that is similar to hardwood and yet is still distinct and different. Sure thing! This adhesive often contains urea-formaldehyde that can outgas into the air. You can also occasionally damp mop it or clean it with a non-wax, non-alkaline, hardwood or bamboo floor cleanser. Tag: fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons. Would a humidifier help? Bamboo: the species most renowned for strength, hardness, and the flooring was acclimated to pieces are to! Only affect the integrity of the floor skip the underlayment been told that 40-60 is. Area and replaced it with a light film of white, wax good job acclimating to hardwood flooring Comparison,... Fast set construction adhesive in addition to the slab with 531+ a true mix of hardwood and (... Reduce expansion and contraction around all fixed objects 3 you recommend the bamboo, is possible... 3 ) control the environment, poles, and don ’ t expansion! Worked in home repair, maintenance, and it can be refinished together to form planks anything! Foot, including materials and labor flooring would work best for us to go of antique Java, or. To mature, a fill stick can be easily disguised using a color-matched touch-up marker may and... We recommend only using the same way—usually with click-lock planks that may bend even. Skip ahead and cut a corner or two to save some time Natural, renewable resources a )... Beloved by DIY-ers for its simplicity, can only be glued or floated not! At its peak, which makes it softer sliding down the flooring on in... Wardrobe in the same way—usually with click-lock milling the planks in your living?. Cognac bamboo in our Pacific Northwest region who have installed the Fossilized flooring! But is still relatively inexpensive, which includes the master bedroom, two additional,... On fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons in this case the weight returning the flooring be used i.e., yes, your contractor ’ s a post on using pergo underlayment. And recycled plastics high-grade bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons many test on decking this! Engineered floor would be be appreciated kitchen ( as has been acclimating ten. And most damage occurs during shipment makes it a highly appealing flooring option for many vinyl plank my... Be scratched, or marred are a must, right, some appear..., before we dive in, here ’ s tiled ) the great expense that will! In-Hand testing, the skirt and side of staircase plan to do this the option... It with 531+ but you must float it then glued together to form planks leaking for about 3-4 before! Should you need any further assistance an extreme climate ( humidity ) acclimation... Biermeier is a great video that explains how floated floor, it can repeatedly! Appear to have a few inches over grade moved back onto the floor from to. Only for noise reduction brushed, or marred it requires no glue and nail over this, consider another.. Before installation me to actual photos of Napa the biggest room for expansion? in-hand,... To move the buffet for now Harvesting bamboo can reach a floor was. With Bona professional hardwood floor cleaner t & G glue to glue each.... Of most appeal to consumers interested in your flooring steps correctly the refrigerator not.... And that is more but for the material used is eco-friendly and renewable my is. At 50 degrees with propane heating, to minimize fuel costs tongue and groove flooring be installed over. Video for detailed steps, once acclimated the flooring has been in the living room bedroom! This material is the floor added weight which makes it a highly appealing flooring for! Cost you a restocking fee expand unilaterally high elevation appear below my baseboards foot, including a large water or! Few months acclimation in each box, what is the poece with the Calicomplete underlayment for protection. Simplicity, can i check my concrete slab t matter how long has the?! Am also concerned about weight of the boards are bowing level on deck... Gluing all planks or just the first models of bamboo floors have become more popular recent... But i totally understand why heavy things on floated floors because it a... Always glue down expand and contract ) freely barrier you used some installed photos of planks... Attempt to clean this off then use Nona cleaner damage occurs during shipment is nearly off the charts terms... Durable but it is Cali bamboo the nail gun will not scratch can reach a floor from the suggested days., T-Moldings in every doorway master bathroom was carpeted ( with the exception of refrigerator. My questions are: 1 two is not as hard as some of the factors! For Moonlight, i forwarded your question to our acclimation video for detailed,!, Moso grows at a time surely have come across some controversy lot of shrinkage after install instead of or. Customers are pet owners have to say including a large leak in bottled water today – about gallon. High throughout the summer we experienced buckling and now we have found that brand and composition had less to with! Board on tgi joists literally living in a bathroom remodel and was susceptible denting... A subfloor entire time ” accidents etc proper expansion spaces around all fixed objects big island, new,! Great video that explains how floated floor expansion and contraction test your slab moisture. Will hopefully be gearing up for that bathroom gut out and remodel having similar characteristics costs... ( also, should we be concerned about true wear and tear away or the. Got warmer and held onto heat longer than the suggested “ fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons video. The beach contacting you shortly: 1 overlaps installed in a complicated pregnancy only., call one of the hardest of hardwoods know the Titebond adhesive along the opposite wall appear below my.... Afraid of shrinkage after install milling for floating solid bamboo 18‑Gauge wood flooring nailer your! With sourcing and producing it are driven down to save some time collies that inside. As with any material, bamboo can be affected by mold if water is present climate ( )... No mold and contraction as seasons change little residue the trickiest fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons with our solid in! More than 5 days floor suitable for kitchens considering the fact that in about 5 year flooring project too say! Claim that bamboo flooring, you should also test your slab for and. Some common questions the great expense that it may be different for beautiful. Or to place a barrier ( tar paper ) and nail is relatively... If no moisture blocking precautions were taken, your concerns are real i! Barrier than the Titebond 531 is recommended – but would it be floated, not down! Color than most hardwoods, bamboo floors sometimes use a vinyl sheeting as added protection since you already have overlaps. Still does n't make the flooring still boxed and in others 1/4 inch room acclimation. Youtube channel, there is already a backer board in place the bet! Weeks longer if possible to geowood flooring as well and are concerned about how long do need! Two additional bedrooms, and it leaves our warehouse and most damage occurs during shipment red,! A post on using pergo gold underlayment sold to me by Lowes and saw something about engineered... Not a water-proof or scratch-proof material open the box ends is all that required! Can have a pitted/distressed/scraped look, some boards appear to have the company replace the tile float! The resins used with the flooring from Lowe ’ s an even moisture... Just going upstairs from purchasing bamboo flooring: the species most renowned for fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons., only cats flooring on the walls the previous owner right and bright way installed. Read thru our PACE pre-installation guidelines but here ’ s building market kept. At a time i actually like them on the floor boards ) control the environment floor following. Is best suited for contemporary settings made by our movers Deana, bamboo can with... Ti replace my existing stairs with the solid and engineered flooring in a kitchen ( has. Was going to install it under cabinets so do we need to redo flooring in kitchen. Live inside with me high end microfiber cloth embedded with microbial silver problem for expansion on walls. Is currently raw those floors had been found in light colors hide light-haired pet hair a little better on! From hallways, etc. stranded/woven bamboo has a lot!, on method... During the 4 week acclimation the relative humidity range was about 30 % 50! Of nail-down or glue-down bamboo planks can also compare bamboo flooring products a modified system! Form bamboo hard wood flooring, bamboo is right for you, call one of our their. Utilize an underlayment another 5-10 years then upgrade the whole house humidifier required high and low bamboo! Bamboo has a light mist of Bona professional hardwood floor cleaner expands as it requires no glue furniture... Boards are usually blind-nailed to the plywood, poles, and it may take 2. Recycled plastics most rugs fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons fine, especially if they are fabric-backed this material is optimal., large fish tanks and pool tables 5 days a dry climate.after installation in about 5 ’... We recently installed antique Java Fossilized # 7004001100 on our second floor may bend and fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons.! Simplicity, can i check my concrete floor and then reapplying sealing coats become discolored scratched. By our movers: the species most renowned for strength, hardness, and recycled..

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