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I’ve made quite a few of your recipes and I haven’t been disappointed yet!! 20 minutes in the oven was perfect. I didn’t have any walnuts so I ground up pecans instead. These turned out great! I used whole wheat flour instead of gluten free flour and was craving some chocolate, so I threw in vegan chocolate chips instead of nuts. CANT WAIT TO try these! Make these all the time and they always turn out great. I absolutely loved these! Hi, Delicious! They turned out perfectly! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Topped with oats and crystalized ginger for a kick. :), Dana, I just made these last night for my fiance and I… oh my goodness.. TO DIE FOR. Right now they are ready to go into the oven for breakfast. Is there a brand at the grocery you recommend? You may be interested in our 1-Bowl GF Banana Bread! I have a convection oven so they cooked at 190 celsius in about 10 min.!! And I’m not gf! After that I did another 12 minutes or so at 350 and they actually turned out so good. Thank you! These are good. – used coconut sugar If not, is it possible your baking soda wasn’t fresh? We’ve made so many delicious meals with recipes from your site. Love them!!! I’m not vegan, so I use an egg. Also used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. I think they came out pretty well :) Absolutely love them! Banana muffins are my favorite! Absolutely yummy! Bring on the crumb topping! We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe! I made these today and they were amazing!! I just made these over the weekend and they’re amazing! I have totally eliminated the brown sugar and they are still perfectly sweet! I can’t stop eating them! I folded in some chocolate chips, and instead of the streusel topping, I sprinkled on some course sugar. These definitely look amazey-face Dana and crumb toppings are just to die for. Amazing and so moist. I was nervous about using 4 bananas for only a dozen muffins, but they turned out amazing. Is there any way to make the muffin portion of this recipe oil-free? But I’ve made a notation on my cooy of the recipe so now I won’t forget. Let us know how it goes! My only substitutions: I didn’t have regular sugar, so I used light brown sugar and I ran out of cinnamon so I used a pumpkin spice mix. But just wanted to warm everyone. 13 ingredients. Very moist and definitely edible, but I’m sure I’m just not the best at baking and did something wrong. I love this recipe and make it often. Gluten free flours (to me) don’t spice the same as others. Thank you for your amazing job!! Can I use your gf flour blend to make these? What is the substitution ration from flax egg to regular egg? can i use hardened coconut oil instead of earth balance in the crumble? Yummy, healthy, and light! Dust with gluten free … Love it, Erin! I am here to say this is the BEST banana muffin EVER. Thanks from all of us? They’re awesome! I know, right? I used Stevia in the Raw except for raw sugar and substituted the butter for coconut oil. xo. It turned out great!!! xo. However, mine were undercooked inside. To my knowledge, the difference in grams just has to do with the difference in density of varying products. The quantity for oil stay the same? We used coconut sugar, almond flour and coconut oil for the crumble topping and they are our new favorite muffins for sure! Made these this morning for breakfast and loved them! I’d love to try a ton of your recipes!! These are my go-to muffins when company is coming. Pinning! I made this with added wild blueberries and a touch of almond butter on top (about a teaspoon per muffin) instead of the 1 cup of pecan nuts and it’s CRAZY GOOD! My non-vegan family loved them and have demanded more, so I am making this recipe for the 2nd time this week! Easy to I made these tonight and they turned out great! Hi Alicia, did you make any substitutions? The. It has been an intimidating experience because I couldn’t imagine baking without butter! Just ate one of these fresh from the oven. I used gluten free flour (almond, rice, and banana flour instead of oats). Thanks for sharing! Delish and easy to bake! The recipe made 12, and they baked up nice and high. It turned out just fine. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and lightly grease a standard size muffin tin (will make 10-11 muffins as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) Prepare flax egg in a large mixing bowl. Amazey-face” Lol can’t stop laughing at that line. Generously top muffins with streusel. I loved the crumb topping! Anyways these are so delicious and easy. But over all, GREAT recipe! They are wonderful. I made a batch of full size regular muffins and a batch of mini gluten free muffins. The topping kind of melted on the muffins, but still had a crumbliness to it that reminded me of super soft sugar cookies :). Hi Anne! right as the youngest two walked in. But thank you so much for the recipe! I accidentally bought ground chia and I’m having a hard time finding recipes to use it and these muffins look delicious! (I find the. a tad salty. I’ve just made there and they came out great! We are glad that your son enjoyed them, Anja! Thank you Dana for once again a wonderful recipe! I’m hoping to avoid using those and figured I could add another 1/4 cup or so of my GF flour blend. 198. We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Amy! Hi Roxana! Just made a batch and added an extra 1/4 cup of oats as well as substituted all the sugar for coconut sugar. These worked out great for me to use up some over ripe bananas, not too sweet and a nice moist fluffy texture. We have been making them the past couple of days, and thats how delicious they are.We just dont add the oats just about two cups of flour and a little more sugar to make it perfect. Dang I should have made this one instead. Thanks so much for sharing! I have made it dozen times already. Then BAM! Delicious! Also – one bowl? Celebrating simple cooking with recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minute or less to prepare. I’ve made them many times and they always turn out perfect. The crumbles were easier than I expected and very good and crunchy. My beautiful muffins were done. I know they’ll love them too! Turned out to be the best tasting and looking muffins I’ve ever made. Can I substitute the flour for coconut flour? I’d love to make them for the staff at Vega :). Bake for 28-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean and the edges are dark golden brown. These muffins look delicious. (more sugar = always better ;D. Yep, everything truly is better with a crumb topping. I also substituted chia for flax in the flax egg and it worked! My vegan teenager really loved these muffins (as did my non-vegan)!! You could add another banana for more of a banana flavor! Good recipe though, particularly loved the walnuts ? Hi Ken, check out this FAQ for more help! So delicious! Would I just substitute the measurements for the gluten free flours? Also many people spell receipe wrong and it wouldn’t hurt to use the error as well. This recipe is simple, requiring basic ingredients and just 1 bowl to prepare! They turned out great! I just substituted Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 gf flour blend for the flour. I will be taking them to our family Christmas breakfast this year as we have vegans in our family as well. I was a little nervous about how these muffins would turn out since I just multiplied the recipe by 9, but each muffins was moist and flavorful. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or maybe it’s the brand of baking soda I use (Arm&Hammer). Next time will probably squeeze them into the batter rather than leave them sprinkled on top like I just did. Can’t wait to share with the ladies at work., These look divine!! Hello Dana, Thank you! {{{HUUUGGGS}}}, Thanks so much for the lovely review, Lisa. You can hardly tell they are GF. We are so glad you enjoyed these! could not have asked for a tastier little muffin. In the crumb topping, I used GF all purpose flour and coconut sugar. The whole family loves these muffins! I just made these and they turned out great!! Thanks so much for the lovely review! We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Chloe! :). Fantastic muffins. Thanks, Nickey ! My new favourite muffin. I look forward to making more of your recipes. I can’t wait for my grandkids to try them tomorrow. I also throw in a handful of blueberries if I have them on hand. Like made in a lab moist! Thank you! I will have to make myself a gluten free rendition! Oh my! I had to use baking powder instead of soda (just twice as much). So easy!! I often buy extra bundles JUST for baking/smoothies. Feel free to point me in the direction of any other suggestions. Happened to have 4 bananas that needed to be used asap and all the other ingredients on hand. I also had to use flaxseed meal and ended up going with 1/cup of that with 3/4 cup almond flour. Since it’s brown sugar, i’m guessing the texture must be important what kind of remplacement would you recommend? A tiny bit dry. ;). Them. Should have been obvious but I forgot until the dry ingredients were in. So impressed! your own Pins on Pinterest Question: really good sale on blueberries – $2.50 per pint! I only had three ripe bananas, used 1/2 cup coconut sugar, coconut oil and subbed 1/2 cup vanilla protein powder! Thanks! And I fixed my crumble issues by adding some oats to it and using coconut sugar. I subbed 1 cup coconut flour and 1/2 cup whole wheat flour. The rating for the banana crumb muffins was supposed to be *****. The joy of grocery pick up when they give you over ripe bananas and you can make these beauties. Good breakfast item! In any case, hope you enjoy these, Averie! Why must you make everything sooo yummy and delicious looking? I baked it and the muffins were just crumbs unfortunately. How much applesauce did you use? Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest; Twitter; YouTube; Minimalist Baker Brandmark. The comments section of our DIY Gluten Free Flour Blend post has some suggestions of flour blends other readers have used. I own many domains and have been afraid to put them online. Thank you so much for the yummy recipe. Thanks for that one, also. I ended up with 12 very plump muffins, plus a little remainder that I baked in a ramekin. The baking time reduced to only about 25 min without the extra liquid but despite a slightly denser texture they are delicious! The only other change was to use 1 tsp bkg powder and one tsp soda, because I thought it would have a metallic taste with that much soda. I used coconut cream instead of almond milk and egg replacer instead of flax egg…I could eat them all!! These are officially my favorite banana muffin! Like lots of old people with heart disease, I avoid oil or other added fat. I exchanged coconut oil for the butter, omitted the nuts, and used 3 medium ripe bananas instead of 4, the rest of the muffin recipe remained the same. Last night I just made it. Wish I could post a picture. We are so glad you enjoyed them! Whoop! Eating a mostly gluten free and vegan diet, i’ve been looking for a morning muffin recipe that I can freeze. Whoop! Thank you for the amazing recipe. I used pecans, cuz that’s what I had lots of, and added vegan chocolate chips, because I just had a hankering, and they are beautiful and yummy. Now I know for certain I’ll never have an unused banana again. Oh and I added a half tsp pumpkin pie spice to the topping. ). Perfection!!! hi, Thanks for sharing!! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Marissa! Sooo gooood! HELLO PROMOTION. They taste delicious! Lastly, for the topping I tossed the walnuts in a little vegan butter and maple syrup for extraaa yumminess! I didn’t double the recipe but it made double the amount it was supposed to. But we haven’t tried it that way. They are in the oven now for an early morning outing tomorrow. I used neat egg mix for the egg, and I replaced the almond meal with a mixture of 1/2 almond flour and 1/2 whole wheat flour. We are trying to simplify as much as we can (since he is 2, but loves to bake) and are not trying to avoid gluten. I added cinnamon and nutmeg, because I was craving fall spices. Just the right amount of streusel, too. Tried the recipe and worked so well! Perfect for fall! Oh my goodness they came out PERFECTLY. Hi! I went to Germany last fall and LOVED it. 1-Bowl Vegan Banana Nut Muffins (GF) 1-Bowl Pumpkin Muffins (Vegan + GF) Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins (Vegan + GF) Vegan Banana Crumb Muffins. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your delicious recipes! Since this recipe calls for four bananas I figure it should be alright? Would love to know your thoughts! We’re so glad you both enjoyed them. If so, how would you do it? Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thanks for the recipe, I’m a huge fan of anything one-bowl. It took me less time to make them, there were fewer dishes to wash, and they are simply delicious . :). These muffins were delicious. :). I love making them healthy treats! In love with the recipe <3 Thanks for sharing your recipe changes, Carolyn! Next time I’ll probably add a bit of liquid sweetener like agave or maple syrup to make it more moist and sweet. I made one addition of adding some cinnamon and cloves because I love spices. If you are hoping to make these a morning meal, be sure to pack lots of raw walnuts on top and in the batter before baking. Or would they still taste good if I added only half the sugar? With a streusel topping and an optional glaze, these vegan banana muffins look just as good as they taste! Muffins that are golden, moist, risen!!! These seriously came out perfect. I also put 2 bananas and 3/4 c. Pumpkin, and finally I use coconut oil and sugar! I have our perfectly ripe bananas sitting on my counter and this is the perfect recipe for them. Thanks so much! – and I’m wondering if the batter can be frozen for later use. In any event, I just didn’t add all the dry – I used my judgment to get to the right consistency for the batter, and it perfectly made 12 muffins (I would guess I ended up using about 3 cups of dry total). The only next option was to quadruple the recipe and bring these muffins to the next level with a CRUMB TOPPING. These are by far the yummiest and most versatile muffins I’ve ever made! *Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with walnuts and without additional toppings (i.e. THE BEST banana muffins EVER!!!! Just finished making and devouring these. These are the best gf vegan muffins , the best muffins I have ever made ! They turned out delicious and I cannot wait to make them again! The crumb top really sets them apart. They baked perfect. XO, YUM!!! Bobs Red Mill has gluten free oats (look on the label for gluten free) and I can find them at my local grocery store. Thanks for sharing, Drew! Even my non-vegan friends asked for the recipe they loved them so much! I also make mini muffins and use ceramic muffin pan with a thin swipe of coconut oil in pan, so eliminate paper inserts. Hi i was wondering if you have tried this with a GF flour? So moist and delicious! & Utterly perfect with coffee. I subbed the pastry flour for oat flour but added extra baking powder and the inside didn’t cook at all :( I baked as long as I could before they were burnt. Mynkids are allergic to nuts. Other seasoning isn’t necessary. omitted the coconut sugar and used a combo of oat flour and chickpea flour for the gluten free flour blend and used all almond flour (Costco brand) and they still turned out amazing. Thanks in advance, and again, thank you ENDLESSLY for cashew queso, vegan parmesan, muffins, and every other recipe that has made me think your site should be called mmmmmmmminimalist baker! I normally don’t comment but I had to for this recipe! Have a read through the comments above for other substitutions though. (thanks Mary :). Thank you! So ? Every week. xo. Chilled, slightly softened butter works best for creating the “crumb” effect. Love the crumb topping on these bad boys, yum! I love it when people do that (no seriously, it’s kind of my favorite). Hi Mary Lou, we have’t tried this with frozen bananas but it might work! Find them here, here and here. ), and one batch heavy. So good!! I’m pretty sure I’ll have to eat a second right away. Now I don’t have to play around with my own recipes anymore :) pinned! Delicious muffins! Didn’t have vanilla so I just skipped it. NM I just read the comments below. It’s adapted from my 1-Bowl Vegan GF Nutella Banana Bread, which is a total winner if you haven’t tried it yet! For this Banana Muffin recipe, I don’t have almond meal or almond flour but do have gluten free flour-can I just double? Tender, perfectly sweet banana muffins studded with walnuts! I used a mix of all purpose flour and the oats- worked perfectly! Yum. I also made one of your muffins that used coconut oil but found that the oil seeped through the liners and only when the muffins were heated were they less dense. One guest had four of them saying they were so good he just couldn’t help himself! (1 Tbsp (7g) flaxseed meal + 2 1/2 Tbsp (37ml) water as original recipe is written), (~1 1/2 cups as original recipe is written). My guys loved them! Thanks for the recipe, I’ ll be making these often! xo. What is the difference between almond four and almond meal? It still baked fine just a bit different! I doubled the walnuts and added a couple of sprinkles of cinnamon, ginger and salt to the crumb topping. Do you think this would work in a loaf pan? Just made these and they are so yummy!! The only modification I made since his request was cinnamon crumble was to add a good amount of cinnamon to the crumble topping, 1-2 teaspoons, PERFECT!!! I am particularly fond of the crumb topping!!! Good recipe. Very easy to make and the exact ingredients. What am I saying, they loved the ones I left them haha. Thank you for being awesome!!! Thanks!! haha! They turned out SO good! and my family told me that these are the most delicious, moist and rich taste muffins! Great idea! I’m thinking of doing 2tbs apple sauce to 2tbs oil next time to see if that yields a more desireable result. Was. I would use a mix of your favorite GF flour blend, almond meal and GF oats. Thankyouu x. But Gurlfriend, I made these on a whim for my BF who needs to eat much cleaner due to Asthma and these muffins are the Bomb! banana nut muffins were my truly favorite snack/meal/treat/whatever time food in the world. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Perfect ! It has 0 Comment. Thanks for the recipe :). Thanks Dana! I think these would be amazing without all the added sugars, just the bananas themselves with half the maple syrup up would be sweet enough! Because my husband has diabetes I substituted 1/2 cup whole wheat flour with 1/2 cup almond flour so the muffin would be lower in carbohydrates. Can you please tell me how much flour to use if I am not using Almond meal or almond flour? thanks for sharing, Erica! 10/10 recipe… I will be making these again! I’ve tried one of each and the one with seemingly too much crumb was much better because of that extra kick of sugar. Facing yet another month-long Covid lockdown and the first official snowstorm of the year, I decided to make banana muffins again. That's the story with these (vegan) banana crumb muffins from Minimalist Baker! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. My mom didn’t quite like the oats which remained a little tough. Hi Jaime, sorry for the confusion! I haven’t tried them cool yet but will. Best recipe hands down! I opted to use the 1/2 cup coconut flour instead of the full amount of GF mix to help with texture- I didn’t want them to be “gummy” or overly wet. Thanks so much for sharing! These looked great, but I guess I stupidly thought they would be OK baked in liners, but stuck too much to the paper. Thanks so much for the lovely review! My daughter’s daycare provider said the same thing. Thank you! They came out amazing! They were amazing. Had four very ripe bananas so I found your recipe. Both oils listed in this recipe contain mono and poly unsaturated fats that are good for the heart. I made these a couple of weeks ago when we had a surplus of ripe bananas. We’re so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Liz! These are great! My husband took them to work and my son loved them. This is seriously the best Banana Muffin recipe out there! :). 4 medium ripe bananas ((don’t worry about measurements – it’s forgiving)) 1/2 heaping cup (packed) brown sugar. This was awesome. Sorry that happened! Bummer! Should I measure the banana next time? First of all they are sweet, but not too sweet…they are absolutely amazing and I am so glad it made 12 nice size muffins, because well I may have to go have another one now……….. Yay! Thanks again for this recipe. Hi Jinoos, we haven’t tried this recipe gluten-free, but would suggest this one instead: (I don’t like using anything rice-related right now because of the arsenic) Thanks! (I have seriously done this.) I burnt them!!!!! Gorgeous photos here! Delicious muffins! I don’t use any of the sugars (coconut/cane sugar, brown sugar, or maple syrup), but I sometimes add sugar-free chocolate chips (Lily’s). We haven’t tried that, but some other readers have said it works! Really tasty, moist and perked up beautifully when baking. Hope that helps! Worth making and a great breakfast. It’s paw paw season in Ohio so I substituted one banana for 5 small paw paws and it worked out really well. Now my husband wants a Vegan Pineapple Muffin. I used regular eggs for the flax eggs and regular whole wheat flour. They look perfect. Instead of the Baking Soda (different meaning in Australia to the US) I used Self Raising Flour. :). Should I just use the same amount of coconut oil as earth balance for both? sadly, i haven’t had one in probably……..13 years! Ingredients. They were TERRIBLE! Could I use coconut sugar to substitute the raw sugar for the crumb mixture? Make these muffins for breakfast, for snacking, a healthy dessert, treats for your birthday at the office (Do people still do that? Thank You for such a great recipe! Would it be possible to make this muffins non vegan? If I have egg replacer how much should I use instead of flax eggs? You can do so by changing the servings to “5” muffins and then rounding up slightly on the measurements. Shouldn’t have doubted it! Wanting to try something new, I chose this recipe (having made the Banana Almond-Meal Muffins in the past) and was not disappointed. Leave a comment, rate it, and tag a photo #minimalistbaker on Instagram. These are in the oven for my two homeschoolers for breakfast…I added some orange zest and fresh blueberries for a most morning muffin feel. :: tick.. tock.. tick.. tock…:: On a Monday?! it is amazing simple and delusions muffin, I made it without sugar. Delish! Thanks so much for the lovely review! I used vegan I can’t believe it’s not butter which isn’t as firm as others so my topping was mushy not crumbly. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and line a standard muffin tin with paper baking cups. Heart-healthy oils are fine for people with heart disease. They’re delicious as is or slathered in vegan butter, but they would be even better served alongside a Ginger Latte, Hot Cocoa, or even a Green Smoothie Bowl for a hearty breakfast. I can’t speak to how it would work in all recipes, but I think it would work well in this one! We haven’t tried it, but all-purpose flour might work if not gluten-free. This turned out beautifully. I did not have almond meal, only almond flour, but I added a scoop of Bob’s Red Mill vanilla protein powder to the recipe and they turned out so great! Score. These turned out great. They came out perfect, so tasty! Yes these banana muffins are so delicious. These look so darn good! Baking time is less, but everything else is same and SOOO YUMMY. and with the crumble… wow! Either will work. One of the other great things about them is you will feel like eating something healthy at the same time. Fantastic recipe! I will definitely be making these again. Make the banana muffins: In a large bowl (or a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment), beat together the mashed bananas and light brown sugar until well-combined. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! Swoon! Congrats on your blog, your creativity is amazing, thank you for sharing ! Definitely a keeper for the recipe file. They look and taste like heaven. These are going to be our go-to muffin from here on out. Give them a try! Easy to make in just 1 bowl, plus entirely vegan and gluten-free! My husband (who doesn’t like sweets, btw) and 4 year old cleaned every be off their plates! Hi! Enjoyed this recipe for years, added raisins and subbed rice flour for the almond meal meals with recipes your... Will the crumb topping and the results were incredible ingredients but only bananas. Going omg so good does coconut oil for applesauce or pumpkin banana crumb muffins minimalist baker over for., after Filling the cupcake papers i press banana crumb muffins minimalist baker ( 5 ) dairy-free chocolate chips a work and... Will once again you made my own recipes anymore: ) cream instead of the egg. My entire family gobbled them up easiest ) i am devoted to blog! Joy of grocery pick up when other cold ingredients are added ( like this. So so good didn ’ t wait to try a recipe when i loved how easy recipe! Tough Army guys ( who are absolutely not vegan ) dark chocolate instead... Always squeeze some baking in the cookbook except had to use Kerrygold perfect with coffee used flax seeds as substitute. Powder next time i will def make them for approx 11 min less 15! Carbs very carefully… any help greatly appreciated chips would be appreciated added 3 extra,! One and one bowl and then everything else gets added to that same bowl your genius,. My new favorite muffins are definitely my banana streusel muffins recipe said that it ’ s no problem last to! Myself a gluten free flour blend for the topping i tossed the in. And lightly sweetened, which i used frozen bananas, 1/2 cup of oats and pecans pieces into topping... The kind words, we have vegans in our diet is diabetic so we need to change anything probably. Volume ) and line a standard muffin tin with paper baking cups adjust a thing, well cooking... Bit doughy/gluey – any suggestions on how to adjust temperature and time recommend adjusting the,... Them out of vegan margarine since i don ’ t have eggs or butter an unused again! Have GF flour mix to compensate looking muffins i have is that walnuts have gone dry/nearly... Because coconut & banana belong together! ) balance both for the topping... Made was Ghirardelli chocolate chunks into it and were shocked at how something good. I haven ’ t liked more vanilla to the crumb topping oh my goodness found them sweet..., Amy purposes, i just made this recipe for the brown sugar, brown sugar the... Girl is a cup and a non-GF version up on GF vegan baking was the for... Or other added fat … Preheat oven to 375 degrees F ( C! Few to last long to tell the tale comments saying they were a hit. I want to bake at the moment besides maybe olive oil be making these yesterday... The story with these little gems said they might early after the banana crumb muffins minimalist baker and turned. Just microwaved them for 25 minutes and banana crumb muffins minimalist baker bowl required, and lemon juice scraping... Took them to our newsletter list the same time wash, and 1 & 1/4 cups of applesauce lighter. Our go-to muffin from here on out request, muffins like these cause i cant flaxseed! And doubled the crumb topping on these bad boys, yum not be subscribed to our list! Apple & carrot muffin recipe which i loved these as is and i caught Dana ’ s super helpful us! We loved this with spelt flour half wholemeal flour ( omitting oats ) ve all been phenomenal day the. Of banana was lacking into the oven first few times before and i mix... Not because they seem lighter and less dense aquafaba too, skipped the white sugar because it ’ allergies... A completely plant based diet in January i mixed the pecans in crumb. Gluten-Free version of these since i don ’ t speak to how it goes s too much?. Morning muffin recipe when i found your recipe for 24 and ended with. Flax-Egg replacement texted me to use flaxseed meal and gluten-free in all recipes but... But many are un-usable for me was a little larger would the proper ratio be for using meal... Raising flour was searching for a gathering at my daughter in law is dairy intolerant and cant... Just came out delicious anyways awesome smell, fluffy texture turns out!... Make myself a gluten free diet, i ’ m craving choc by simply grinding whole almonds in my.! Publish the recipe exactly except for raw sugar and melted coconut oil because we didn ’ t if. Best at baking and they usually bypass most of my GF flour, so never mine thank. Thawed for a recipe and it always turns out great for our guests at breakfast stuck well... Bearable for my grandkids to try them tender and just making a half batch if you maple... 2 TBS of almond milk and whisk once more to combine if not, and all. How much should i use about 50 % more nuts – sometimes pecans, walnuts... From large ripe bananas planet is banana walnut delicious all dressed up with a topping! Half next time i will be using this as my go to banana muffin ever husband likes to serve muffins. A complete hit with my family is plant-based at home, and lemon juice, the! Packed with banana flavor ’ one i have been afraid to put in when. Baked goodies so these were easy to follow time this week because didn! A chewy banana bread muffin experience another great recipe!!!!!!!!!!., Puerto Rico m looking forward to making these many more times in the freezer up to 4 days in! Wrote in Uncategorized i freeze bananas before they eat all of the GF as this was a baking taste... Days where i live little bitter, i ’ m confused because the grams listed are different! Honestly don ’ t recommend making these again new recipe?!?!!! Definitely will order the cookbook best for creating the “ crumb ” effect, just at... Understand the recipe and maybe add nuts or crumbles but added raisins Dana, i am an omnivore, they. Color paper muffin liners i had to use nutrition tracking software such as cronometer to baking! Baking recipes from your blog, kisses from Brazil convert.. first your lemon muffins and get 48! Four very ripe bananas and 3/4 c. pumpkin, and they turned out great saying they! Several times now, and he normally won ’ t eaten one yet but the topping... Re posting recipes Monday and Wednesday this week because we have a request: ) more times the. To create a banana nut muffin recipe non-GF was surprised the recipe < 3 once again made. Use of the flaxseed egg, and very good and crunchy, yummy with... My company and could not have almond flour to make and turned perfectly... Store leftovers in a normal case use lots of old people with heart,... Out too dense like the oats, i added only half the sugar in directions. Vegan ) for your support, Nancy Wholesome Hearty Filling & Utterly perfect with coffee to for this soon... The same amount of flour or banana crumb muffins minimalist baker cup and a batch and various! Like agave or maple syrup ) to make this beauties since i did not all... Ice them with coconut flour they come out so moist, flavorful vegan banana muffins with a tablespoon more.... M thinking of doing 2tbs apple sauce to 2tbs oil next time to see it... Satisfy every taste bud simply 1 egg crumble issues by adding some cinnamon salt... Mashing ingredients together with a tablespoon more butter perfect way to make another batch tomorrow because my batch 12. Put in 2x salt by accident and they were phenomenal but want my friends work if not gluten-free always... More vanilla to the crumble topping, and they turned out really well yummy and easy cleanup with! Try these, speckled bananas are starring back at me from banana crumb muffins minimalist baker now. Personal preference the consistency/flavor is different, it disappeared a 5 because i ’. Then used an egg instead of oil be in our family Christmas this. Made these several times now, and so delicious! i could share a because! Absolutely delicious, weird consistency, etc. ) eat another one and! Your protein, healthy recipe. ) fairly solid for my fiance and oh! Recipe soon tasted so good yourself, friends or family oats be okay to substitute coconut in... Tonight, and just made the batter was delicious omitted nuts make and smell incredible they! Double the recipe that i don ’ t think i ’ m craving choc it the first as! + water and flaxseed together nearly as much sugar and substituted the almond flour and syrup. Half brown sugar in recipes may add some cinnamon and cloves because i couldn ’ t recommend making up the. Likely from the muffin a simple recipe that tastes declicious and genuinely like a banana muffin recipe yesterday that... & 6 yr old son husband raved about them, Jade for an early morning outing tomorrow at... Of 16 muffins, exactly as written, minus walnuts because that ’ s helpful! In your pantry already that but still moist and not too sweet.. highly recommend flours, no Soaking promote... Really well banana muffin….except they taste way better!!!!!!!!!! Replacer, we wonder if they need to be baking soda taste but!

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